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Testing parameters


Besides all the functions of MTS-II Motor Testing System,MTS-III Motor Testing System has the following functions:rapid samping function,with 50 groups of data per second at the fastest; Rapid stabling function when doing load test.

It is applicable to all kinds of motors,especially asynchoronous motor scanning curve,starting motor testing to motorcar and motorcycle,and other large power motor testing.

MTS-III Motor Testing System

Dynamometers(hysteresis absorption dynamometers,magnetic  powder dynamometers,eddy current dynamometers,electric dynamometers)
KZQ-III Dynamometer Controller

Electeric Parameter Meter(single phase,three phases AC or DC)
Note:DKZQ一II Dynamometer Dynamic Controller is needed for testing the non一stabilizing zrea of asynchronous motor

Voltage,current, input power, torque,speed,output power, efficiency;


Single phase motors can also test power factor and frequency;


Single一phase capacitor motor can also test power factor, frequency,primary winding current,secondary winding current, and capacitor voltage;


Three phase motors can also test power factor, frequency,voltage and current of each phase.