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Testing standards


Main Testing items


Testing parameters

Testing prtcision

GB1032一2005《 Test procedures for three-phase induction motors》
GB9651《 Test procedures for single-phase induction motors》

Single/three-phase asynchronous motor,Synchronous motor,household appliance motor.


Leve 0.2 for resistance,and 0.5 for others.

Dynamometers(hystersis absorption dynamometers,magnetic powder dynamometers,eddy current dynamometers,electric dynamometers)

KZQ_III Dynamometer Controller

Electric Parameter Meter

DKZQ-II Dynamometer Dynamic Controller


AC Power Supply

Scanning temperature detector

Low Dc Resistance Tester

Voltage,current,input power, torque,speed,output power, efficiency, power factor, frequency,motor winding resistance,environment temperature,winding temperature,stator temperature,bearing temperature,etc

Entire computer automatic acquisition of test parameters,function modularization.Relative curve is generated and testing report can be printed when finishing testing every function.A summarized report is generated after finishing testing all the functions.

DC resistance testing in cool and hot condition Temperature-rise test:use resistance method of temperature determination to figure out temperature rise of motor,apply scanning temperature detector to mon itor temperature of machine winding and iron core when testing.


No-load test: measure n-load characteristic curve, work out no-load current, no-Ioadpower,iron loss and mechanicalloss.


Locked-rotor test:measure locked-rotor characteristic curve,work out locked-rotor torque and locked-rotor current

Load test:measure the amended load characteristic curve,work out the amended motor parameters.


T-N curve plotting:draw a real time T-N curve for asynchronous motor, automatically find out maximal
torque and minimal torque,and rotate speed at the breaking poing of centrifugal switch of single phase
asynchronous motor.

MTS-IV Motor Testing System